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ES17113 ESD fabric chair

Commodity number: ES17113

ES17113 ESD fabric chair

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    • Commodity name: ES17113 ESD fabric chair
    • Commodity ID: ES17113

    ES17113 ESD stool

    Designed to eliminate tribocharging. Provides continuous drainage of static to ground. Meets requirements of ESD and ergonomic standards. Lined with soft and durable non flammable ESD fabric, Ergonomic seating. Adjustable conductive backrest. Pneumatic height adjustment and rugged metal structure.

  • ES17113 ESD fabric chair

    1)   Material: ESD fabric  
    2)   Color: Dark grey
    3)   Dimension: 430*400mm(chair seat); 400*300mm(chair back)  
    4)   Adjustabl height: 460-600mm  
    5)   Surface resistance: 10^8~10^10Ω  
    6)   System resistance: ≤10^10Ω  
    7)   High strength die-casting chroming A-alloy five-start-foot or carbon steel five-star-foot
    8)   A-alloy caster or conductive plastic caster
    9)   Conductive metal chain  
    10)   fixed foot seat is also available on request

  • ES17113 ESD Chair

    1)    Hardware:611*576*350mm,5sets/ctn
    2)    Chair seat: 627*500*430mm, 5sets/ctn
    3)    Chair back:416*365*400mm, 5stes/ctn

  • ES17113 ESD Chair

    HS Code: 9401300000