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ES42101 Ionizing air gun

Commodity number: ES42101

ES42101 Ionizing air gun

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    • Commodity name: ES42101 Ionizing air gun
    • Commodity ID: ES42101

    ES42101 Ionizing air gun


    Ionizing air gun is a handheld device which providea concentrated flow of hihg pressure ionized air to a target surface of obect. They are designed for alarge focused cleaning and neutralization. It is well used in delincate electronic products, electronic assembly line, medical device manufacture and assembly line. It has an effective distance of 1,000mm. It operates with power supply which must be ordered seperately.

  • ES42101  Ionizing Air Gun
    1)    Testing Voltage:1000V~100V, -1000V~-100V
    2)    Temperature: 22℃±5℃RH : ≤60%
    3)    Distance: 150mm
    4)    Decay Time:Posititve:0.7S, Negative:0.5S
    5)    Weight:0.5KG
    6)    Offset Voltage:-50V~+50V
    7)    Operatating Voltage:4.6KV
    8)    Current Consumption: 200μA
    9)    Operating Temperature:-10℃~+45℃
    10)    HV cable Length:3M
    11)    Customization is available

  • ●  Pcs/ctn: 1

    ●  G.W./Ctn (Kgs): 1.5

    ●  Meas. (mm): 190*160*75

    ●  Volume (CBM):0.003

  • ES42101 Ionizing Air Gun

    HS Code: 8467299000