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ES19107 ESD Shielding film

Commodity number: ES19107

ES19107 ESD Shielding film

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    • Commodity name: ES19107 ESD Shielding film
    • Commodity ID: ES19107

    ESD Shielding film

    Principle Shielding film can utmostly protect sensitive components from potential static damage. It's special the material for making the ESD Shielding bags.Mainly for packaging of various PCB, electronic components modem, CD-ROM, etc.

  • ES19107 ESD Shielding film
    ESD Shielding film  is the material of esd shielding bag, which is suitable for packing of PCB,IC and other static sensitive components.
    The kind of film can keep static-sensitive components away from the potential static danger to the largest extent.
    Its special 4-layer structure (esd coating/polyester/aluminum layer/esd polyester)can create such effect as an inductive cover to separate the goods inside from the static field.
    The inner layer is made from ethane which can remove the static and avoid static generation inside the bag.
    The film is half transparent, the goods inside can be easily recognized from outside. Surface resistance: 10e8~10e11 Ohm.
    Physical propertsy meet the ASTMD257, ELA541 and MIL-B-81705 international standards.


    3.1mil (about 75 mircon)
    Outer layer resistance
    Tensile strength 
    Metal layer resistance
    Static shielding 
    Inner layer resistance
    Static discharging time 
    Attenuation of EMI 
  • ES19107 ESD Shielding film


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  • ES19107 ESD Shielding film