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ES19104 Conductive Grid Bag

Commodity number: ES19104

ES19104 Conductive Grid Bag

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    • Commodity name: ES19104 Conductive Grid Bag
    • Commodity ID: ES19104

    ES19104 Conductive Grid Bag

    Conductive PE bag is made from LDPE, anti-cavitation agent and super conductive carbon black after blow molded by special machineries. It can keep components sensitive to static away from the static and electromagnetic wave danger. It applies to: military industry, aviation, web communication, sensitive instruments and meters and etc.After special processing it can resist outer static and becomes the resister on the surface.It is usually used to package PC boards, mother boards, communication electrical appliances, hardware tools packaging, products displaying etc. It's excellent in mechanical strength, electrostatic discharge performance and conductive function.

  • ES19104 Conductive Grid bag

    1)    material: PE     
    2)    size and printing are customize     
    3)    seal: Heat Seal     
    4)    features:electrostatic discharge,conductive
    5)    surface resistance is below 106Ω.

  • ES19104 Conductive Grid Bag

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