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ES19102 ESD Moisture Barrier Bag

Commodity number: ES19102

ES19102 ESD Moisture Barrier Bag

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    • Commodity name: ES19102 ESD Moisture Barrier Bag
    • Commodity ID: ES19102

    ES19102 ESD Moisture Barrier Bag

    ESD moisture barrier bag Apply directly to the system or compound packing bags, suitable for oxygen, water vapor barrier for better packaging and vacuum packaging frozen or deep frozen packaging, or require dimensional stability while ensuring high-quality printing surface product, or requires deep drawing properties and wide temperature thermoforming packaging, the products will have a good performance. It has three functions of resistance of the static, electromagnetic interference and moisture.This kind of bag applies to package electronic products with moisture-proof requirement: Such as PC boards, IC integrated circuit, CD driver, hard disk and electron component partsetc. It can endure to piercing well.

  • ES19102 ESD Moisture Barrier Bag


    PrincipleA-alloy bag has 3 functions: anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference and moisture-proof. Surface resistance: 108~1010Ω , super barrier properties.

     Applicable scope:Mainly for the packaging of PCB, IC (integrated circuits), CD-ROM, hard disk, electronic components, and etc.

    StandardStrictly follow the production standard of MIL-STD-2073-1, ASTM F 1249-2005, GB / T 10004-1998, MIL-B-81705-C



    gross thickness

    130±10μm ( gross T of glue layer and static layer)

    physical parameter

     (material account from outer to inner)



    1st layer

    BOPP/ Polypropylene


     2nd layer

    AL/ A-Foil


    3rd layer

    PE/ polyethylene












    BOPP function: water-vapor-proof, grease barrier, and anti static

    AL function: Moisture-proof, conductive and shielding

    PE function: anti static, seal (inclusive esd requirement)

    SPECS: sizes can be customized as per consumers’ requirement, various sizes of flat / tri-dimensional style also available.

    storage environment : temperature ≤35℃ and moisture ≤70%

    Validity: 12 months

  • ES19102 ESD Moisture Barrier Bag


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  • ES19102 ESD Moisture Barrier Bag

    HS Code:3923210000