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ES34501 TS ESD Antistatic Tweezers

Commodity number: ES34501 TS

ES34501 TS ESD Antistatic Tweezers

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    • Commodity name: ES34501 TS ESD Antistatic Tweezers
    • Commodity ID: ES34501 TS

    ES34501 ESD Antistatic Tweezers

    This series of Tweezers are ideal for use in the microelectronic and semiconductor industry. They are resistant to chemicals, highly resistant to static charging, offer unequalled wear and heat resistance. These tweezers are ideal for high precision work when high chemical resistance or complete freedom from any magnetism is required. Ideal for clean room work as nothing will leach out and contaminate the work area.

  • Model No. Material Specification Magnestism Rigidty
    ESD-10 302 110MM None HRC40-45°
    ESD-11 302 140MM None HRC40-45°
    ESD-12 302 135MM None HRC40-45°
    ESD-13 302 120MM None HRC40-45°
    ESD-14 302 110MM None HRC40-45°
    ESD-15 302 116MM None HRC40-45°
    ESD-16 302 125MM None HRC40-45°
    ESD-17 302 115MM None HRC40-45°
  • ES34501 ESD Antistatic Tweezers

    ●G.W./Ctn (Kgs): 25
    ● Meas. (mm): 560*400*400
    ● Volume (CBM):0.09

  • ES34501 ESD Antistatic Tweezers

    HS Code:8203200000