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ES16301 common point ground

Commodity number: ES16301

ES16301 common point ground

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    • Commodity name: ES16301 common point ground
    • Commodity ID: ES16301

    ES16301 Common Point Ground

    The common point ground feature inputs for 2 wrist straps, terminated in the standard wrist strap banana jacks. These ground sockets also provide 2 each 4mm/7mm/10mm "parking stations".

    Simply bolt block onto bench, ground the opposite end of the cord's (#10 ring terminal) to either the center screw of an AC electrical face plate cover or as is recommended by your ESD program Coordinator. Plug your wrist straps banana jacks into the block and you're good to go! Need to park it? Simply remove the strap from the cord and park the 4mm/7mm/10mm female cord fastener on the 4mm/7mm/10mm studs! Economical, efficient, secure, easy to use and fully compliant to latest ANSI ESD and MIL standards.

  • ES16301 common point ground

    1)    Wire Insulation : Polypropylene cable
    2)    Conductor : Bare copper wire
    3)    Stainless steel snap stud
    4)    Color : Black/Blue
    5)    Wire Diameter:2.2MM
    6)    Coil cord Length: 2.4M
    7)    Resistance: 100 ohms typical
    8)    Two banana jacks for wrist straps
    9)    Two 4mm/7mm/10mm snaps for parking wrist strap coil cords, standard 10mm snaps
    10)    Ring terminal
    11)    Customization is available

  • ES16301 Common Point Ground
    ●  Pcs/ctn: 30
    ●  G.W./Ctn (Kgs): 5
    ●  Meas. (mm): 530*250*200
    ●  Volume (CBM):0.03

  • ES16301 Common Point Ground

    HS Code:85444229