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ES14105 ESD PVC tiles

Commodity number: ES14105

ES14105 ESD PVC tiles

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    • Commodity name: ES14105 ESD PVC tiles
    • Commodity ID: ES14105

    ES14105 ESD PVC tiles

    The floor uses the PVC resin as the main component, and utilizes the plastic particle interfaces to form the permanent conductive/anti-static network. The floor tile is looked like the marble. It provides fine performance in the decoration projects. In addition, they feature abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, long life, ageing resistance and low dust emission etc.

    The products are applicable to the decoration and fitment of the apparatus rooms for the industries of telecommunication, electronics, microelectronics and medicine etc, and the clean rooms or workshops for the computer or electronic instrument industries.

  • ES14105 ESD PVC tiles
    Material: anti-static PVC resin
    Thickness: 2mm, 3mm
    Size: 600*600mm
    Volume resistance: 10e7-10e8 Ohm
    Starting voltage: <100v
    Static decay: 0.9s

  • ES14105 ESD PVC Floor
    ●  pc/ctn: 20
    ●  G.W./Ctn (Kgs): 25
    ●  Meas. (mm): 400*400*300
    ●  Volume (CBM):0.05

  • ES14105 ESD PVC tiles

    HS Code: 3918109000