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PU012 ESD shoes

Commodity number: PU012

PU012 ESD shoes

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    • Commodity name: PU012 ESD shoes
    • Commodity ID: PU012

    PU sole+PVC vam four holes

    The sole of anti-static PU shoes is electrostatic dissipative material PU foam material, injected together with shoe vamp, and then is fastened by sewing. The sole is non-slip, deodorant, and absorb sweat. The resistance of antistatic PU sole is 10^5-10^8 Ohm, in accordance with the requirements of international standards. Available sizes 220mm -300mm. Anti-static shoes are dexterous and light, anti-static EVA mid sole relieve foot pressure, more soft and comfortable. The vamp material: PVC leather, PU leather, genuine leather, canvas, conductive fabric and T/C fabric. The shoe is nice and solid, anti-slip, anti-abrasion (5 time higher than ordinary soles), and environmentally friendly. Human body’s electrostatic charge is grounded by wearing anti-static shoes and antistatic mats/carpets, thus eliminating the body static. Anti-static shoes are widely used in construction, mining, transportation and other industries.