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Smart ESD Wrist Strap

Time of issue: 2017-09-22

Intelligent ESD Real-time Monitor Alarming Wrist Strap

Automatic alarm when the conventional use of the static detector and the human body or the ground is bad. Intelligent anti electrostatic real-time monitoring alarm wrist band instead of the traditional wrist band and static electricity detecting instrument function and strengthen efforts to distinguish, at any time to monitor the electrostatic grounding and avoid the occurrence of benign and to improve the efficiency of production towards the progress of science and technology. Intelligent anti electrostatic real-time monitoring alarm wrist strap with high-end intelligent integrated circuit design is wrist strap and electrostatic detector combo complex, is the new step of electrostatic field of the safety protection of revolution, is the starting point of the process of intelligent electrostatic safety protection products, but also to improve the production efficiency and quality to ensure the further development of new biological products in conformity with the norms of the national environmental protection and electrostatic specification.