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Friction voltage test

Time of issue: 2016-03-05

First, the test standards: ESDA, ADV11.2 IEC61340-2-2

Test method: A, that before the test two was measured and the surrounding environment is not charged; B and friction process is not affected by the impact of other objects in the world; C, fetching tool (forceps, gloves, etc.), and does not affect the electrostatic level test; D, electrostatic can to maintain a certain period of time, in order to be able to read the data.

Typical test

Repeated friction testing of the object: A, the established speed, direction, pressure and friction time; B, the actual material may exist as a test material;

Two, object sliding friction test:

A, usually the static electricity and the static electricity to carry on the test;

B, test for different sliding conditions (such as front sliding and back sliding);

C, practical, especially the most distant sliding distance;

D, fixed slip angle

Three, the film material rotation friction

Note using measurement

One, the instrument must be calibrated correctly and return to zero

Two, the correct distance of the electrode to the measuring surface

Three, the correct grounding

Four, the use of human body grounding and discharge

Five, the surrounding environment of the object being measured, measuring the activity will affect the measurement results.