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  • Commodity name: ES19203 Warning tape
  • Commodity number: ES19203
  • Time on shelves: 2011-06-14
  • Views : 246

ES19203 warning tape

This product has an H grade insulation grating, capability of high temperature, acid and alkali, solvents, radiation. Use in high-grade electrical insulation.
Can providing variety of specifications. There are single-sided, double-sided. With release paper multiple choices. Used in electrical and electrical components for a variety of insulation.Good Performance in Adhesive Force, High Temperature Resistant, Solvent Resistance, Strong Holding Force, No residual Adhesive Left.


ES19203 warming tape
1) material: Polyimide
2) length: 30M
3) Adhesive: Acrylic
4) Color: yellow
5) Features: heat-resistant
6) Used in SMT industry 

ES19203 warming tape

ES19203 warming tape

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